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shakera gone but not forgotten

I am writing this post to thank everybody who has sent well wishing about my friend, Aimee's little girl Shakela.
Unfortunately the fight was just to tough for her to continue fighting and at 2.40am otday (30th) she took her last breath and peacefully went up to heaven to enjoy a life of freedom away from sickness. While she was alive she was a fighter with a determained character.

Rest in peace Shakera and enjoy playing with the angels 15.08.2008- 30.12.3008

yay for summer, presents and freedom

I went to the movies with Kyal the other day and he totally surprised me. He said he wanted to pay for the movie as he felt bad about not buying me a gift and I gave him this talk about spending time with him is prceless and the best gift he could have gotten me. the movie didn't finish until 11pm so we decided to walk home which was 40 minutes away. When we got home I left Kyals cristmas bag full of chocolate on the bed and was complaining about being tired and going to head to be and on my pillow was a gift box with a beautiful bracelet in it, the little devil had lied to me, it was the best present ever!!!!!. Will post a photo when I get a chance.

The next day being yesterday I delivered a few things up to the hospital and then went to the beach, Going to the beach is a rare event in Wellington as it is never beach wweather, not even in summer but was good all the same. I wet with my sister, her partner and son
Me relaxing at oreintal parade


Nephew and I                                              nephew and I again

Sister and I, What stunners!!!!

Then todat we took my neephew up to the ospital to visit my dad as he is now being kept in til Wednesday. We also went shopping and all the things were for Jared of course, he is so spoilt!
He then was lucky enough to go back and visit grandad a second time.

I'm hoping to listen to more of the Chinaman book today but I dunno.

My ister just throw ,e some shapes so i'm going ot go off and eat.

Now that i know how to upload photos I will do it a bit more

have a great night everyone
Love and hugs, Kat

shakela's still going strong!!!!

I wrote earlier about my friend aimee's little girl shakela beeing taken off life support and not bein expected to live, well the strong ittle fighter is fighter on and breathing by herself so is being transferred down here tomorrow, some1 must be watching her., keep on fighting shakela

christmas 2008!!!!!

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!!!!

My christmas was different. I spent christas eve at my sisters and when my nephew went to sleep we put up the tree and tried endlessly to sneak his SAnta sack into his room and we finally managed to do it without waking him up.
The next morning my nephew woke us up at 7.30 am so we started doing the presents nad his Santa sack, I have honestly never seen a 20 month go so hypo over a toy truck.
We then got a cal from my dad's partner saying my dad wa quite sick so that put a dampener on the day, he refused to hgo to the hospital at 2am, I don't blame him!!!!.
We then headed around to my dad's house for a christmas lunch of rolls, ham, chicke, salads, potato salad, homemade christmas and cheese cake, truffle and Ice Cream!!!!
We then finished off the presents and were spoilt. I got clothes, cricket tickets cd's, perfume, jewellery, watch, disco light and lots more, plus a mysterious present from Kyal as we haven't met 2 exchange gifts yet.

At 1.30 when the lunch at dad's was over I went with dad up to the hospital instead of going to a bbq to get checked out. It took 8 hours at the A&E before he was finally admitted to the ward and wil be kept in for 5 days as he has Cellulitius, it's a reaccuring thing now but ont sure wat is caursing it so spent a majority of the last 2 dys up there.

Aimee's little girl Shakera who i wrote bout earlier was takenoff life support on boxing day so at least she saw 1 christmas.
atleast she is no longer in pain but could have been better timing so all in all my christmas and boxing day was a series of unfortuate events

love always and hope everyone had a fantastic xmas

I'm sorry Aimee

Hey Aimee

I was devestated for you when I heard about shakela's life support being turned off.
I know that i never met her but you were a close friend of mine and I know how much you loved her.
I am sorry I am not up in Auckland to be with you and I know how hard christmas is going to be this year and for years to come but just think when they turn the life support off tonight she will be no longer suffering and be the star that guides your path at night

enjoy your last few minutes/hours what ever you have left with your little Angel

love you forever aimee and Shakela-Rose
well I apologise whole heartly to the people who were actually waiting and wanting to read my journal for not posting for awhile being pretty busy with things sice it's xmas time.
I managed to break my glasses the other day whihch was annoying as I had to go 2 days without them til i coul get thm fixed, Kyal and I missed the screening of the movie we wanted to watch so endeed up just jazing at home and trying to fix the internet that is not working that is why my post has been very late.

finally getting shit orted down here for living. Got into uni as I posted before.
I am also seeingmy Optometrist in te first week of Jan to get contacts and he is putting me in contact with a Specialist as he is worried about my Glaucoma again!!!!!

A family friend arrived 2 dys ago and is staying for xmas which is ok btu is a bit testing of my patients as I am used to doing my own thing, in my own time and havingsome1 who is wheelchair bound staying with me is def teaching me the skills of being patient. her visit has how eer brought the family togeather, there was a big bust up last week with me being kicked out of my issters elp but with this family friend coming it gave us all a chance to sit down and sort out our dfferences before xmas ad as a result I am currently sitting in my sisters lounge babysitting Jred my nephew until I got out in a cuple of hours with Kyal to met his Grandparents and cousin, were having dinner there and they have a harbour view, how nice!!!!!

cristmas is just 2 days away for me and I can't wit I am so over all the shopping and crowds and everything that comes with it, the day is always nice though.

I've only got 1 more present to buy so will be out shopping on wEdnesday, What on earth do you buy an 18 year old guy who is totally blind?

short and sweet but gr8 news!!!!

this will be short.
sory for not updating had very bad internet connection at home and currentl none.

but on a brighter note I gt accepted in Victoria University Criminoloy and Psychology program, Which is limited entry!!!!!!

i'm super excited!!!!
have a gr8 xmas everyone and a splendid New Years!!!!!

will write back when internets fixed!!!!!!!

Mark and Kyal, I'm sorry

Kyal I didn't know how to tell you all this stuff........ I want you to know that I love you, I love the time we spend togeather and the things we get up to. Your patient and the best boyfirend I could ask for.
I know that I have been a bit reserved lately and am not really excited about planning anythin for new years, but I really want you to go away and enjoy yourself. Christmas is going to be extremely hard and weird for me with not having mark, as you know we did go out but then broke up when I was going to the USA, I came back to New Zealand and he was dating my best friend, something i wasn't relly ready for, then he got his cancer back and past away in August. For me he was/is a rock, he supported me through everything. THere are things surrounding mark that I hate myself like putting myself first and not visiting him and denying he was going to pass away when I knew he would.
This first christmas without Mark is going to be hard and tough Kyal, but i want you to know I will get through this I just need your support. So if I am distant or seem uninterested Kyal it is not that. I ust have some unfinished business that will now never be finished but i now you understand I just had to write all this down.

Mark I know your up there dancing with the stars but why can't you be here with me?
Man I need your advice and talks about guys and everything you know like the olden days, we should be sitting here togeather naming songs togeather but instead i'm sitting here wandering why this has happened

I love you with all my heart Mark but am trying to move on with my life like you would have wanted and Kyal is a big help and support, you would have liked him

Rest in Peace sweety and keep dancing with the angels


A is for age:

B is for beer of choice:
Not bwwr, vodka YES!!!!

C is for career:
something to do in youth crimw prevention

D is for your dog's name:
Don't have one.

E is for essential item you use everyday:

F is for favorite TV shows:
home and away, shorty st

G is for favorite game:

H is for Hometown:

I is for instruments you "play:
J is for favorite juice:

K is for whose butt you'd like to kick:
um Ayan, dunno y

L is for last place you ate At:

M is for marriage:
dunno, not been thought about

N is for your middle Name:

O is for overnight hospital stay:
when i was 7

P is for people you were with today:
Mum, Theresa, Todd, Jared and Dad

Q is for quote:

R is for Biggest Regret:
Never going to visit mark before he died even though i knew he didn't have long R.I.P

S is for sex:
not talking bout it

T is for what time you woke up today:

U is for underwear you have on now:
not telling

V is for vegetable you love:

W is for worst habits:
biting my nails

.X is for x-rays you've had:
chest and nck, oh and shoulder

Y is for something yummy you ate today:

Z is for zodiac sign:
Hey Guys

Sorry I haven't really been commenting on peoples live journals been pretty hectic lately.
Well I'm sick and tired of my sisters house, being used as a permanent baby sitter, she has gone out and misplaced the phone so I can't even call people, Don't get me wrong I love my sister to bits but enough is enough so I have gotten them to drop some of my things off at my dad's house so I can move in there tonight so I'm excited!!!!!!
hich brings me to my other news unfortunately until I actually get the internet on at my dad's house I am going to have very little time to update as I will have to go to my dad's girlfriends or back here to my sisters to use the net, but will hopefully have it at my dad's in the net week or two in time to write before christmas, talking about christmas I still got a shit load of hopping to do. I hate shopping for others trying to work out what they all want, venturing in, standing in long lines to by it BLAH!!!!.

I'm going out to the races tomorrow, not really my scene but mum and I decided to go for the atmosphere nothing better than big crowds, hot summer days eating ice ceam with live music, I'm also heading to xmas in the park on Sunday night with my family and Kyal!!!!!!

I think we're putting up the christas tree tonight, or as we put it up Jared pulls it down lol

Te one thing I love about Christmas is the lights and the music, seems so magical. On the hills above my dad's house there are always big display so it awesome to sit on the deck, watching the lights and listenng to cristmas carols, OH the magic of Christmas!!!!!!